Journey of Lenovo Company

The journey of Lenovo from an underdog to the industry is really poetic one. Before few year Lenovo develops from a small government funded venture which is based in China to a powerhouse known to all the world for amazing personals computers. Lenovo was founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi, which is started with the group of ten engineers with a limited budget. The company had a very humble origin that starting out in a small story like bungalow Beijing. Initial business mainly consisted of distributing foreign computers to Chinese and installing them. 

Yuanqing joined the company as an intern and he delivers the computer by the bicycle. Lenovo has many failed venture during at start up, it failed in its attempt to import market digital watches and televisions. The first achievement of Lenovo is a circuit board. The board enables IBM personal computer for Chinese characters. Liu stated that at the time Lenovo consisted of a scientist who doesn't know about the marketing how they develop and what they develop. 

The team was forced to learn through trial method. Liu was granted permission by the government to set up a branch in Hong Kong. That starting time is really hard and Liu and his team walked instead of taking public transportation to save money. 

In 1990 Lenovo made a name itself in the domestic market, after selling computers in the market by using the own brand name. Lenovo IPO was oversubscribed as Liu and other managers were ignorant of the condition and term. They were unaware of the fact that a public offering it means that the board director and he were the shareholders and accountable.   

Lenovo always wanted to be seen as a global company and a not Chinese one. The company was originally known as a legend but one the director of the company wants to change its name to Lenovo. This is basically a combination of le and Novo. By displaying the image of a global organization, Lenovo wanted people to realize that they were better to compete internationally and not with Chinese companies. 

Lenovo has a corporate culture that is different from other companies. Headquartered in China and US. English is spoken in Lenovo headquarters.   Yang one of the member of the Lenovo headquarter has a personal mission to see that Lenovo became a friendly place for foreigners to work. 

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