Outlook- errors & solutions

For the business use, email is the important communication medium and can be interacted with people and employees in a very efficient manner. When it stops o working, it becomes annoying and irritated and we get nervous. But most of the problems can be solved with a restart of software or the computer system to do mess up with the user’s emails. If restarting of the system also does not work then it requires some kind of issue resolving techniques and troubleshooting tips. Here some of the errors and their solutions are mentioned below. 

Error Message-It can’t open the default email folders and the information can’t be opened. 

Solution- It can be fixed by first we should locate outlook.exe which cannot be found in c:\program files. And then, click on outlook.exe and then on properties. Also, clear the check box that reads run the program in the compatibility mode. And then click ok and restart the outlook. 

Error message-Your Microsoft exchange server is unavailable. 

Solution-It is a little bit tricky to resolve it because there are many reasons to happen it. By using telnet, test your SMTP. If you don’t have much idea about it can get it here, Outlook Support. 

If office outlook files are locked, then check the permissions of two files .st and .pst by navigating them. These detail can also be gained here outlook tech supportalso make sure that it is not set to read only. 

Most of the times, third party applications are interfering with outlook. It causes because of many programs and anti-malware interfere with outlook connecting to exchange server. To check it, you can check it in safe mode. Your outlook files can be corrupted if an upgrade is applied to outlook. Also, files present there can be deleted or renamed and with the exception of outcmd.dat will be re-created. 

Personal folders do not show up in outlook- 

It is one of the main cause of many problems which are associated with outlook. Microsoft has launched the inbox repair tool which is known as scanpst.exe can be used as to scan, paste and the .st files for errors in the file structure. It usually resets the file structure and rebuilds the headers. It works only work on the files that reside on our computer’s hard drive. It can’t be opened on the Microsoft Exchange server. It also helps in resolving the error messages. 

No authentication methods supported by the client are supported by server- 

It happens when users use their computers in multiple locations. Like a laptop is connected via Wi-Fi at home and then the laptop is taken on the road. It basically comes from authentication rules for the SMTP server. When this issue occurs, simply you can click on change then more settings. Select the outgoing server tab. The option which reads that the authentication is required by the outgoing server and the one which reads to log on to incoming mail server before sending mail, both should be looked at. If there is any kind of a check in the inbox, immediately remove it.